Episode 4: Friend-zoned by a Paleo Muffin


In this week’s episode, Holly and Ethan discuss the “friend zone“, a zone that sounds really cool but actually isn’t. Since both have been in the driver and passenger seat of the bus headed straight towards the friend-zone, they’ve decided to dig into the matter in hopes of preventing heartache and passive aggressive Facebook posts. Holly takes a direct approach when dealing with the friend zone while Ethan ends up sounding like an asshole. Both come away better people (though it didn’t last long).

It’s worth noting that it was not our intention to release this episode three days before Valentine’s Day, though it did work out quite nicely that way.

Episode 4: Friendzoned by a Paleo Muffin (Right Click Save As)

Runtime 44.08 (40.8 MB)

Cast: Holly Phillips and Ethan Moses



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