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Episode 2: New Years Resolutions and Lost Episodes


It feels like its been two months since we’ve last posted, which is actually pretty close to how long it’s actually been. After some tech issues resulting in the death of three episodes, a long holiday and revelations about how many chips are too many chips to consume at a party, Holly and Ethan are back in 2014 with a brand new episode.

In Episode 2 (Episode 3 if you count the pilot and 6 if the lost episodes are taken into consideration), Holly and Ethan decide to talk about their New Years Resolutions. Holly comes face to face with boyfriends of New Years past and then tries to determine when the new year becomes the old year (spoiler: it’s June) while Ethan over indulges and nearly suffers a dance themed catastrophe. Both have gone Paleo, but will only talk about it when asked, so don’t worry 😉

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Runtime 52:13 (47.8 MB)

Cast: Holly Phillips and Ethan Moses

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