Learning From Strangers is a collaboration between bloggers Holly Phillips and Ethan Moses from The Bitter Lemon and Model Husband respectively. Their goal is to explore work, relationships and young adulthood in general with a lighthearted weekly chit chat. This is not an advice podcast, though you may learn a few things. The format is loose, the conversation is unscripted but we hope the warming sensation you feel in your heart is the real thing. Unless of course you prefer not to have a warm feeling in your heart, then we’re perfectly ok with creating an icy chill or a lukewarm trickle.

About Holly

Holly works as the web editor for Louisiana State University as well as various other Baton Rouge publications (usually the free ones). She is obsessed with blogging; maintaining The Bitter Lemon and Blogging for Beginners, while also teaching a blogging class.

She is crazy about Twitter (@OrangeJulius7), likes having serious talks with her cat (roommate), Blanche Devereaux, and is usually at the boxing gym if she’s not at home or out drinking tequila.

Oh yeah, she wrote a book: How I Fell. You should buy it.

About Ethan

Ethan is a former social worker who’s currently giving the world of professional writing a shot. He’s married and is also the adoptive father of two cats named Scuffles and Snuggles. They were named this way for identification purposes as Scuffles is quite feisty and Snuggles, well enjoys snuggling. Aside from writing, his full time job is maintaining his house, a task that he’s quite adept at thanks to his masculinity being closer to the Beta end of the spectrum. Don’t be fooled though, he holds an amateur MMA record of 2-0, a fact that he often slips into conversation regardless of the company he’s keeping.

When not writing for Model Husband, Horrible Night or this blog, Ethan enjoys playing video games, drinking in “moderation” and watching documentaries about quirky people making a go at life.


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