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Episode 6: Someone Needs To Take Charge


Gender roles as defined for the last million years have opened up quite a bit in the last few decades. Women can be the bread winners, men can take on the domestic responsibilities and both can be equally convinced that they’re the sex that’s actually “in charge”. Yet for every new opportunity comes a new opportunity for confusion, especially in the realm of relationships.

In this episode, Holly and Ethan discuss whether or not it’s proper for women to approach men and for men to be approachable in terms of starting relationships, making the first move and initiating “monkey business”. Holly is worried that she appears desperate while Ethan is intimidated by the girl with the “bitch face”. Both get distracted with praising “Sex in the City” until they pull it together and do their best to come to a conclusion.

Episode 6: Someone Needs to Take Charge (Right Click Save As)

Runtime 51.09 (50.5 MB)

Cast: Holly Phillips and Ethan Moses



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