Episode 7: Dates and The Subjects That Ruin Them


First dates are tough, but they can be made even more difficult when the participants struggle to find things to talk about. Sometimes, however it’s not the lack of conversation one has to worry about.

In today’s episode, Holly and Ethan discuss inappropriate first date conversation material and why thinking before speaking is incredibly important. Holly’s expertise comes from being the victim of bad first date conversations while Ethan has a bit more “hands on” experience with it. Both want to make sure you’re “weird convo” free.

Episode 7: Dates and The Subjects That Ruin Them(Right Click Save As)

Runtime 45:06 (41.2 MB)

Cast: Holly Phillips and Ethan Moses



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2 responses to “Episode 7: Dates and The Subjects That Ruin Them

  1. Loved the podcast! Holly rocks. As a 29-year-old who has (embarrassingly) never been on a date, this was all very helpful, although now I’m more petrified of going on a date than I was before. Hey, if you ever need an almost-30-year-old with not much dating experience on the show, I’d love to join you! 🙂

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