Pilot: The Thin Line Between Creeping and Mystery

During the pilot episode of “Learning From Strangers”, Holly and Ethan discuss creepiness and ways to avoid creepers and becoming a creeper yourself. Listen as two individuals who haven’t chatted since high school dig through their own personal experiences with creepiness, from Holly’s gym stalker and Emilio Estevez like neighbor to Ethan’s run in with a semi cannibalistic sex fiend and his guilt over more than likely being creepy himself.

This is our first show and as such, it may be a bit rough around the edges. Instead of pouring over it, we’ve decided to label our podcasting technique for this episode as “guerilla”, which is what people call things when they want to make their technical ineptitude seem purposeful.

Download (Right Click Save As) (Runtime 59:29 54.4 MBS

Cast: Holly Phillips and Ethan Moses


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